IT'S PRETTY EASY FOR ME TO WHINNY THE LIST OF CYCLNG MOVIES DOWN TO 3.  Frankly there just aren't many to choose from.  That said, there are a few I love.

First, the classic, Breaking Away.  This was my introduction to passionate cycling.  I found it while I was in college.  I was already dating my bicycle, but here came the love affair that has never ended. 

Best line:  I want something American damnit, gimme some french fries! ... I loved that line...

... and boy could I relate to parents that didn't get it. 

My dad made an emergency visit, as cycling had her finger wrapped around my heart.  He was concerned at my weight loss - 162.  All the time riding indoors as snow fell.  Clearly I'd gone mad.

What possesses us?

It's nearly impossible to describe, but it's very obviously and purely romantic.  

Second, A Sunday In Hell.  Is there anything more better than Roger De Vlaeminck and Eddie Merckx pulling up to Paris Roubaix in their own sports cars with multiple bikes mounted to the top?  Both of them gushing with style and confidence.

Their crews anxiously greeting and fawning over them.

Of course, De Vlaemink is on a Gios... the same electricbluewonder I scraped my summer savings to buy in '86.

This documentary is so pure and honest and brutal in the truth of what it means to race.

Third, and don't hate me... well, you can... but...

Third, for me, is the first Rocky movie.  Yes, Rocky

From the training scenes to drinking raw eggs to ultimate underdog status... this movie epitomizes why I love the build up as much or more than the racing, and why I love the finish as long as I know I gave it my all.

Silly as it is, it is just amateur racing after all, but on more than one occasion of an epic Leadville or Vision Quest or LoToJa I've crossed that finish line and yelled Susie, Susie, Susie... so glad she's put up with me all these years.

So, there you have it.  As you toil from home and wonder what to do after you've ridden a ton while "working remotely", you can always dig into these classics.

And... if you need to load up on nutrition you know I've got ya covered.

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