IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A SCREWYOU FUND IS... welllllllll junior, it’s enough cash to go at least 6 months without a check.  And, it equals confidence.

There are other types of screwyou funds.

When - waywayway back when - I was single, I strove to have a number of options... ya know, just in case things went off the rails at a socially inconvenient time. (Easy there, it’s a figure of speech.  Not literal)

We, you and me, we have fitness screwyou funds...

... and I'm making a withdrawal.

No riding the next five or six days.

Starting this morning... skied for the first time in a coupla decades, you know a board for each foot vs a snowboard - which I've done less and less. 

My nubby bikerlegs vs my college girl's dancerskierlegs...

... it was pretty even until around 330pm.  We'd been going straight through, old school on nothing but Snickers bars.


Dad, I'm tired.

I feel great.

Last run?

Up to you.

Truly a wonderful DaddyDaughter Valentine's Day.  Such fun to catch up with her on life.  I'm feeling quite blessed to enjoy a day like today.

... and that’s how to use the fitness screwyou fund.

 Of course, sometimes you want to unleash your screwyou fitness in the heat of battle and might be looking for a little inspiration.

Personally, I always feel a little more ready to battle on the bike when I don these camo socks

$15.99 and they'll be on your doorstep in a couple of days.


unknown lbs 

7 hours sleep

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