AFTER YEARS OF ENVY, the kids got me an Apple Watch for Christmas.  I wanted it for several reasons.  Right away I loved it...

... then I sent it back.

Here's what I loved, and why I sent it back.


  • Easy, easy to dual record bike rides in case the Wahoo malfunctions.  It is sooooo simple to import the activities to Strava.
  • Waterproof, so I can record water sports
  • HR is integrated so I can get more fitness data walking, surfing, resting,  sleeping etc.
  • Blood oxygen levels are easily checked - a thing at altitude
  • Glance at the weather vs opening an app on the phone.

What I really wanted was those first 3, upload all workouts and more HR data.  If my resting heart rate is higher than normal I know I'm sick or stressed or overtrained.  In my world, that's important.

Other cool things

  • Remote picture taking
  • Appointments at a glance
  • Timers... like set a timer for 20 min, then stretch
  • ECG monitoring
  • Find My Devices let me ping my missing phone
  • ApplePay 

Unexpectedly helpful

  • Every hour, if I haven't moved it reminds me to stand up.  For me, that means ripping off some pull ups or pushups or squats.
  • Alarm to wake up, it's very gentle haptic nudge is quite nice
  • Oh, and it's a watch.

Why did I send it back?

I sent it back because I wanted the data plan so that:

  • I could ride with a tiny watch vs a giant phone in a case and still make calls if absolutely necessary.
  • Connect more with my surroundings...

 ... you see any time there's a free moment I'm tempted to whip out the phone and check messages, social media, etc.  Could be resting at a beautiful look out, or out to dinner with Surfergirl.

I'm weak that way.

Now, I'm a little better.

In case you're wondering... got the Series 7, small face, sport band.

... or do something a helluvalot more athletic!

Here's another big of electronics I like... like 'em so much I run 'em day or night.

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8 hrs  
20 Pull Ups + 20 Power PushUps + 10 Heavy Squats
20 minutes recovery
50 minutes reading + Journaling