THE STATE OF BICYCLE RACING IN ORANGE COUNTY, CA IS BETTER THAN EVER - on all levels.  I think it's because our community is tighter and more appreciative of each other's efforts as athletes and as race directors.   As a result, we have more robust events to participate in and a fuller calendar.  This is a virtual cycle of improvement in all areas.

For example, Replay Timing company, operated by my friend Chris Williams, is homegrown.  Chris is local.  He knows all our events and the promoters and the athletes and what we expect from a timing company.  Over the years, he has been building his company's capabilities and expertise and technology.  Through Chris's persistence we are all able to enjoy a richer experience racing. 

Accurate timing makes the events more fun for beginners and pros.  It's another element to see where we rank among our peers, and those who are faster and/or slower.  Sure it's nice to see how you placed, it's nicer to compare the times as well.

The results are more people having more fun.  So the word spreads. 

Hey, come and do a race with me... it'll be fun
Timing adds cost,
It also adds more value to the racers. 
Which brings more racers. 
Which allows the race directors to add more value.
Which brings more racers.
Which brings in bigger and better sponsors,
Which adds more value
Which leads to events selling out,
Which allows race directors to control costs,
and add more value,
and more racers.

Next time you race at NonDot, OverTheHump, Rwanda Ride, HUNKR, unOFFICIAL TMWC, CBR(soon), and more... introduce yourself to Chris, it's a thankless job we all need done well.

Sold out NONDOT Whiting TT

Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10