WHAT IF I HAD TO CHOOSE MY LAST RACE?  Ya know, if a Dr Badnews said, Ya got 90 days kid.

Which would it be?

How would I train?

What would I need to purchase?

Who would I ask to help me prep?

Where would I be based?

These are random things I think about on rides like today.

The ladies kicked me for some sorta lady party at the house... so me thought, where'm I gonna go?

Well, I haven't been to GMR for a while... it's been the Queen Stage of Tour of California - 27 mile climb with about 6000 of vert + 1600 more on the return.

It's big.

It's beautiful

And, today it was largely carless except the final, awful push to the ski station.

I only say it was awful because those last 4 miles were in 90 degree heat and I was counting on the little store being open but not willing to let myself get too excited in case it wasn't open because that'd be such a let down but I reallyreallyreally wanted a Coke and chips and isn't that an awful torturous conversation to have with yourself in that heat with up to 20% pitches and cars creeping by oh and to make it worse a nice Germandude with that heyImahappygerman Jensy tone talked me into not turning around early because I'd been motivating him and he said all this while not breathing as I gasped and gulped.

So there I am asking myself what I'd do if Dr Badnews delivered the badnews and I realized that was stupid because he'd never call me Kid.

But, they are darn good questions.

And I think sometime we take this sport a little too serious... okay, you don't, but I've been known to put a few things on hold 10 weeks out from a bigepic race...

... to treat it like it is the last...

... and while that may or mayn't be healthy, it has been known to deliver a result or two.

You're welcome to use that ThisIsMyLastRacd formula if ya like...

... one thing is for sure I'd have The Ultimate RaceDay™ Bag

  • Custom print to keep me organized and focused
  • Custom Speed kit to help me haul@$$ and look awesome
  • Matching KASK helmet for maximum efficiency
  • Superlight gloves and RaceSocks
  • ... you know a bag stuffed with the best stuff

Right now, today, you could win a bag like that and be the envy of all your friends... 

... ready for the ride of your life.

Check it out:


164.2 lbs 
7.7 hours sleep