OVER THE WEEKEND I REALLY SCREWED UP.  I broke rule number one, don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever skip eating after the big ride.  But, things came up and there I was 5 hours later starving...

... which lead to massive binging.

Now I know I preach a lot about eating whole foods, but this was next level considering the narrow time window of my fall.

Whole double-patty hamburger, whole pint of ice-cream, whole bowl of fries, whole rack of ribs...

... and a whole lot more.

Finally I drifted off into a food coma...

... waking up a whole lot heavier.


But, it was just one day and in a few days that will all be purged and I'll be back to where I wanna be...

... less of me.

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7 hrs Sleep 
20 PullUps 40 PushUps
Stretch + Hypervolt
5 minutes reading books + journaling