THAT DAMN BAR.  It's been owning me for about 6 weeks...

You're too weak!

You don't have time!

Haven't you had enough?

Well, NO MAS!

A new Diesel is in town... I strode up, grabbed it by the grips and rattled off... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,, 6,,, 7,,,, ugh!

Beaten, but undaunted, I dropped and rattled off 21 push ups... I always do 3 times as many push ups as pull ups.

My daily number is 20 pull ups/60 push ups.  To date I can't do them in a row... but, I could do a lot more before... oh how it pains me to say this... before quitting.

The shame of it all.


Maybe it was just pausing?... nah... that sounds even weaker than quitting... Oh, look at the little baby he paused...

Anyway... why do I do them?  First, Geoff Kabush said if you can't do 50 push ups, you'll never win a mountain bike race.  Second, pull ups are really good for building outofthesaddle sprinting and climbing strength.


Which reminds me, some of the strongest riders I know get the pleasure of dropping me every Tuesday morning on our social ride.

Whether you're a local and join us regularly, want a piece of iconic SoCal memorabilia or have your own Tuesday ride... ya gotta love this design ace designer Joe came up with.

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Meanwhile... if you're looking for a beautiful kit design, letmeknow.


Speaking of missing... did ya catch this new addition yesterday?

Dear Old Diesel,

I had so much energy when I rolled up to my driveway and then crashed hard after I showered. Ice pack on my head and heating pad on my neck!  What do you do for recovery?

Thanks, NM

PS... I thought it was just a social ride...

Dear NM

My go to recovery is a handful of amino acid tablets as soon as I walk in the door.  Followed by a quick shower.  Then a smoothie with protein power (sometimes 2 of these if it's a hot day)... and I'll usually eat a few handfuls of mixed nuts or macadamia nuts as well.

- T.O.D.

PS... It's not just a social ride... that's how we sucker you in

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20/60 <-- hell yes I did!
8 hrs sleep

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