FEW PEOPLE HAVE ASSEMBLED THEIR OWN BICYCLE, far fewer have ever assembled their own bicycle company.  I'm lucky enough to know one of these individuals... 

... here's what I've learned.

First off, we met around '92.  It was a chilly morning, on a local single track that would soon become home to Olympic Champions and Pro Tour racers... along with masses of enthusiasts.  Whiting Ranch.

Our bikes were heavy, and our suspension mostly awful.

Marv had scoped out a tiny company that was making lightweight full suspension bicycles that were works of art.  Soon, he and Roger and I all had these anodized aluminum wonders.

Next thing I know, Marv sells his tech biz and buys a chunk of Intense Cycles.

The company was unique.

And, tiny.

I think I had frame number 8 or 9... and there may have been a 100 produced, ever, at that time.

Seemingly overnight the company is a well-known brand.

That's not what I learned.  Anybody could see that from afar.

Over the years, I was able to see how he and his partners worked very hard every day patiently, diligently executing a great idea.  

A great idea is worthless without great execution.  But, if you do it right you can build something beautiful and one day sell it.  Which he did.

Fast forward a little more and he's retired.  Loving his BMC road bike and wanting a gravel bike. 

He reads my blog on Strava. 

Sees my BMC gravel bike. 

Gives me a call.  

New bike arrives in a box.

I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was.

We'll get it built tomorrow.

No need.  I'll pick it up.

Of course he's going to put it together himself... some riders like to know exactly how all the pieces fit together...

... in everything they do.

I dig that.

Just like I dig riding gravel... haven't raced gravel yet, but it's kinda lookin' like that might be one of the only options next year.

So, if you thinking that could be on your calendar... give us a shout.  Don't worry, we'll put it together for ya.

Funny thing... on his way out he asks...

Is this going to get me entries into the ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway?

Yep, sure is.


Stretch and HyperVolt
6.5 hrs sleep