TODAY WAS LIKE STEPPING INTO THE BATTING CAGE, but for mountain bikes.  All I could think of was my one friend in town who always says I'm not going with you, you're too fast.

Whether or not that is true, one thing is for sure... there is no better place to improve MTB handling skills than at a ski resort.

Hop on the lift, survey the mountain, reflect on the previous run, do it again.

Want proof?

I got none.

Except this... the first few runs I was quite rusty.  Not feeling it.  Trepidatious.  The soil is much sandier than home, the light was different... and TBH, I taint been shreddingthegnar much lately.

And, don’t tell her, but riding with Surfergirl requires totally different moves.  A  lit’l slow.  After a few runs, she was ready for a break which meant it was time the The Old Diesel to open it up a bit.

Within another run I found my MTB legs.

The next run was even better.

I got to know the mountain, the soil, figuring out the most funnestest run... and ripping it over and over.

That’s the point.

You can’t really do that with any other bike racing skill... except maybe at the track, which would probably bore me to death.  Me being me.

The downhill part of a mountain bike race is a lot like a sprint.  Guts and speed make a big difference.

And with the lift... you get to practice miles and miles of descending in just a couple of hours... plus, the whole time you’re pretty fresh.

Speaking of fresh... my nethers are doing quite fine after taking my own advice from yesterday... thankyouverymuch...


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