I'VE BEEN EXPERIMENTING WITH THE GRAVEL BIKE, and I've come to a few conclusions you might find noteworthy.  These little outings...

... have been flirting with road rides.

It's a lot like all the benefits of motorpacing.

Because of the extra drag from the jumbo treaded tires,
the larger gaps between gears,
and the more upright position...

... I am forced to ride a lot more efficient.

Staying much closer to the rider ahead, in the best draft position possible is key to hanging on.

The faster the speed, the more exaggerated the effort needed to stay with the group.

At 27-32ish mph, our speed tonight, its a lot more challenging than when I'm on my road bike.

A lot of that has to do with the gearing of my gravel bike:  38 x 10-52.

This gearing forces me to spin faster or slower than I might if I was on my road bike.  In a sense it is less efficient...

... but, it's forcing me to be more adaptable and flexible with my cadence.

What's the point?

  • To make the ride harder
  • To force me to be more efficient
  • To help me prepare for upcoming races

Will it be helpful?

I dunno,
I think so. 

I played it a bit conservative tonight, saving just a bit to make sure I didn't get dropped.

Going forward, I think I can roll the dice a little more on this Tuesday afternoon ride.


7.5 hrs
1 RaceDay Ready Circuit
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling