EVERY MONDAY NIGHT FOR ABOUT 28 YEARS I HAVE DONE THE SAME THING.  About 9, I sneak out to the garage and check the tires, put lights on if needed, check the e-tap batteries (that's recent), wipe and lube the chain, clean the glasses.  Then, I slide inside to make my bottles and put 'em in the fridge.  Finally, I quietly lay out my kit on the bathroom sink... and set the alarm for 5, 505, 510 to make sure I'm up and 530 to get out on the road.

Why all the clandestiness?

We all know I'm gonna be meeting the fellas for some play time.  We'll be up well before the rest of town.  Riding.  Hootin'.  Hollerin'.  Going as hard as we can, then cruising home to get back grinding.

I know many of the guys will schedule their travel days for Tuesday with an 11am flight.  Many a conference call has been pushed back from 8 to 9 because I got a family thing at 8.  

But who wants to make a show of playing before work,
Even if it's the only thing keeping us hanging on?
The significant others don't get it,
The kids think we're nuts,
But, we know better,
What matters...
at the beginning of the Tuesday!


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