MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL... who's the fastest of them all?

Let me see here... let's see... well, according to the actual score board... why...hmmm... well, it ain't you.

Are you sure Mirror?

Yep, quite sure... looking at the podium picture here.... it's def not you.

Well, Mirror, what about that one KOM I got?

Checking... checking... checking... ah yes, found it... yes, you did have a KOM on that one forgotten loop that only one other person ever rode... but, looks like someone stumbled upon it and stole it... no email on that?

No Mirror, no email.

Are you sad?

Yes, kind of.

Don't be.  You were never even in the running for fastest.  But, you're still the fairest... and ain't that the best? 

I'm not sure what inspired the above... maybe it's the awareness for ESPN's upcoming Lance Armstrong tell all?  

But, I am sure this is a fairly awesome offer that is ending in 4 days...

... my favorite helmets, huge savings.


KH ordered a Protone for himself... ''cause of course we always think of ourselves first... then sent this text

Now, you may not have an old helmet that fits like a giant, sad mushroom on top of your head like KH... but if you do... this is a helluva deal...

Save 20% with promo code: KASK20


Sale ends on 5/25.

PEDALposse, you save more with your special code.


Production is back up and running, most custom orders placed prior to 4/1 will ship week of 5/18, custom orders placed in April will ship towards the end of the month, custom orders placed now will ship in approximately 4 weeks from art approval.


166.2 lbs 
Coach Loran Live + pull-ups
7 hours sleep