PETER SAGAN HAS A NEW TEAMMATE, it's California legend T.O.D.

When asked by GCN why he had to have the aging racer on the team Peto was quick to respond...

Why not?  He's fast for his age.  He's claimed numerous KOMs in his weight class.  And, he's a hell of a lot of fun to be around.

Pressed on why those were winning qualities team owner Ralph Denk was very frank...

Look, we don't count on him winning anything but we just like him.  He works hard, sweats a lot, and eats pretty good most of the time.  We think he'll be a huge inspiration to the younger guys on the team.

GCN cornered The Old Diesel.  just after he was the last guy to come off the winning break of the local group ride.  They probed how he felt about taking a spot away on the team from someone who might actually help the champion win a race.

I know, it's sounds crazy.  But, I've been a huge fan of Sagan's since lining up to race him at Over The Hump.  When he lapped me that day I knew being teammates was our destiny.  Of course my wife will miss me, but she has a good TV and she'll be able to see me doing my thing.  My kids are excited to, after years of living like a pro I'll finally be one.  My neighbors are already asking for my autograph. And my mom, bless her heart, cried.  I can't wait for the first training camp, to hang out with the guys and...

Dad... Dad... DAD! Are you listening to me?

What, huh, yeah, of course honey...

Reading The Secret Life of Walter MIddy today reminded me of the life saving balm a good day dream can be.  Times when we drift off and dream of what it would feel like to be pro.  To ride all day, climbing the highest mountains, professional chefs looking out for us... ah, the life of a professional bike racer.  What it would it be like?

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