IF YOU CAN'T MASTER 1 WHEEL, how can you master 2?

Most of us start with a two-wheeler plus 2 training wheels, then yank 'em off as soon as we can.

Once we get the 2 wheel thingy figured, we start ridin' wheelies... riding as far as we can on just the back wheel.  

A few learn to ride a unicycle

I bought one summer when I was 15 and bored.  It took a week to master, hanging onto the raised garage door and going back and forth.  Some days I'd ride it 2 miles to school with my backpack.  It did not help me with the ladies as I'd hoped - shocker!  But, I did learn it's easier than it looks, it just takes practice and patience.

There's a lesson there,
somewhere between 4 and 2 and 1,
to keep it simple:
Practice and Patience.


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