SOME THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ASPIRIN... but are relevant to your bike riding habit and by understanding them may lead to increased performance.

We'll put the obvious aside.  It's cheap to manufacture, about 2 cents a tablet, and largely indistinguishable from one brand to another.

But, did you know...

Well-known brands command a higher price?... and work better?

Give a person a choice between red tablets and white and they'll pick red every time... and get better results?

A person with a backache will pay a premium for aspirin with BackAche Relief on the packaging.  The formulation is no different... and they'll get better results?

The placebo effect is real, so how do we harness it?

Do we pay for the big brand?

Shall we hold out for the perfect paint scheme?

Do we drink the company's marketing kool-aid?

Some will say it's a waste; some, money well spent.

Whether you think it works or you think it doesn't - your right.
- Henry Ford (I took a few liberties).

So, what do you think?



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