WE'D JUST FINISHED HOT LAPS WDNSDY.  For most, it is the hardest ride of the week.  Roughly an hour.  No let up.  No draft.  Technical.  Max HRs are hit with high, high, high average HRs...

... one by one we trickled in after the final lap.

Dusty shins.  Sweat pouring.  Tongues hanging.  Sloppy fist bumps.

A few minutes pass. 

Normal breathing is restored.

Slack jaws slowly turn to cat-ate-the-canaray smiles.

It's a truly remarkable experience.  

Occasionally, I wonder why all the energy to get rides like this going... and then I get a message like this.

Hot Laps hurt to so good.  I love it.

If you don't have a killer, weekly ride, put one on.  It's easy, just start on time and keep inviting.

If you do have such a ride, invite a some new cat to join...

... and watch 'em smile afterward.

After that it's a cinch to entice them to do an actual race... yes, this is a truly diabolical plan to get people to explore their maximum potential.

Are you in?

Kinda like my diabolical plan to finish this book.

Which you can pre-order now.

I've given myself 45 days to get it completed.

No doubt, you'll get something extra if you order now.

PEDALposse will get the book automatically.


170 (oh my!)
7.2 hrs 
HyperVolt and Stretch

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