ARE YOU A LOOPER OR A LINER?  Me, I'm a looper. I like figuring my morning loop to match my allotted time.  Might be one big loop, or a few loops.  But, I'm definitely a looper.

Some are liners.  They had out, South let's say.  Figure there's an hour to burn, turn around and head North at minute 30.

There are some liner routes I like, but they need to be epic. Like Leadville, where you go out for 50 miles and an ungodly (actually godly) amount of climbing then turnaround.  The closer we get to that turnaround the more people we see who are already on the return.  Knowing how far back is motivating... most of the time.

But, the big loop... bigger the better, is my favorite.  Our HUNKR LA loop was giant and challenging and oh so scenic.  The changing scenery, never the same... love that. The Swami's Long loop is so dang fast and hard... but it's a loop and if you're shameless you can cut across town and catch back on.  Our TMWC loop is a classic, 1 hourish scoot around town comprised of flats and hills and bike trails and The Wall and The Corkscrew... I should be permanently dizzy I've done it so many times.

What's yours?
Would you live your life that way?
Build your business that way?
Raise your kids that way?
Doesn't matter which way,
Just wanna gear up and get on my way.


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