THERE WE WERE, blitzing the same course as last week.  Really getting after it, I was right behind two world champions, Brian Lopes (MTB DH) and Jeff Ward (Supercross)...

... little ol' me hanging on tight.

Then, I blew 3/4s of the way up the only climb.

Not blowblow, but uncoupled form the dynamic duo.

All I could do was watch them bridge up to the younger group of Experts that started infront of us. 

That was my plan!

Well, that didn't work.  

What did work was 

  • taking 50 seconds off last week's time,
  • arriving early for a nice leisurely warmup,
  • racing with no computer (tracking it on the Apple watch)
  • feeling good after Saturday's 100 miles heat stroking adventure
  • pounding a bottle of Amp Recovery Mix
  • the bike was flawless
  • saying hi to so many friends I haven't seen since last season
  • delivering the canopy top to my friends at Linked Cycling (gotta do some work out there),
  • setting my canopy between La Habra Cyclery (who gives RaceDay Bags™ to their VIP customers)
  • and Crank Bros (who's pedals and wheels I love)

What can I do to improve next week?

  • My diet was awful over the weekend, I can improve that and come in a bit lighter
  • Better sleep Monday night, it was good not great.
  • Positioning, I gave up spots too easy and had to close gaps the first half of the first lap... gotta be meaner, LOL
  • run the Wahoo mounted, I generally like to race these short races on feel but giving up 3rd place to Robb hurt - kudos to him for brilliantly riding his 2nd lap faster than his first
  • The website had a pretty major meltdown today and was stressing me out all afternoon - still is - that'll be fixed by then.

I call this Review and Repeat, which is covered in the 5th chapter of my book.

Will, a race promoter back East, purchased 3 books Sunday and shipped them to 3 different people.

That makes me happy.

Have you read it?



7.2 hrs 
0 Pull Ups + 30 Power PushUps + 5 Heavy Squats 
30 minutes recovery
50 minutes reading + Journaling