MONTHS AGO ME THOUGHT, Diesel ya oughta ride all day on the shortest day of the year.  Right?  If you're ever going to ride all day - sunrise to sunset - this would be a good one.

Things were lining up with spectacular weather before a week of solid rain.

So, for sure this is gonna happen.

Up at 530.

Rolling by 630.

7am is the official sunrise today, but the ride I'm doing starts at 8, twenty miles up the coast.

On the way up this cat whips around a corner and soon we are chatting about the glory days... the mighty Ziggurat loop with world class regulars like Gold Medalist Steve Hegg, RAAM winner Pete Penseyres, and many state, national and world champions.

We lament the bland all black bikes and kits that dominate the scene today... which he very obviously was fighting back on.

I made it to the start with 20 minutes to spare.  Which was cool, as it gave me time to make a few adjustments to my rig and unload some of my pre-dawn hydration.

The new tires I'm testing out are surprisingly fast on and off the road.  For example, aside from arriving early, later in the day I managed to PR a massive and steep dirt drop called Mathis - locals will be impressed that I did it on the gravel machine.



... okay, so let me tell ya about the group I was meeting up with:

1.  The invite clearly stated:  we're riding tempo, download the course, we love you but we ain't waiting.  

2.  The supreme leader's Strava handle is Bikenut.  He's a beast on the road and on the dirt.  And while I was rolling giant 40s, he was on his road bike with 25s.  #skills.

3.  The followers are all certified nuts with huge talent and huge nuts for going fast.

With a touch feely welcome, 30 or so set off. 

The first climb 20% were gone.

Another 30% either flatted, dropped off or quit by mile 19.

Meanwhile, I'm constantly asking myself when we are going to ride tempo, or if I even know what riding tempo means anymore.

About 30 miles in (50 for me) some trail bunny stops Bikenut and the flirting begins.  Next thing we're all in a group picture and they are trying to trade phone numbers. 

This is also a literal highpoint on the ride and as we crest P.I.D. I can see home.  And I come down with a case of Seeyafellasitsbeenfun, because I'm thinking my daughter is home for the weekend and the other kids might be around too.

It wasn't all day, but it was plenty:  80ish miles, 8000ish of vert.

Next year!, or maybe sooner...  I'm addicted, and not recovering.

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I am addicted to other things... and just yesterday learned something you should NEVER do.

I love Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle


But I did a BozoNoNo and put their Embrocation on my knees before applying the Butt'r.  If ya didn't know, the Embrocation is meant to heat up your skin for cold weather riding.  And well, if ya put it on then apply the Butt'r to the region of your special purpose... uh, FIRE!


Probs... but back to my other addictions.

I'm also addicted to AMP PR lotion... which should also NOT be applied before the Butt'r


 and Honey Stinger waffles


Which you can apply to your watering mouth at any time, as long as you have washed your hands after appling Ebrocation and PR Lotion...

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Ride your bike!, tb


6 hrs sleep (wife's fault : )

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