ONE OF MY FAVORITE COVERS IS GNR's RENDITION OF LIVE AND LET DIE... it's on my pump up to race play list.

When you got a job to do
You got to do it well
You got to give the other fella hell!

But, when does that job start?

At the sprint
The start line
Packing the night before
Tuning things up 2 weeks out
Laying base miles months earlier


I was thinking about that this morning at 7am when Coach Loran was giving me hell...

It hurt.
A lot.
Legs quivering, core screaming, shoulders on fire.

... the only way to give 'em hell is go there first, which is why I always invite y'all to join us LIVE on Instagram at 7am Wednesday mornings.

The other thing was thinking about was how I like to frame a flashy kit with black gloves and black socks.

It's funny how people come to us for one thing and are surprised at how good we are at another. 

My pals Justin and Chris were talking, Justin knows us because we do the kit for his team every year and Chris via his team RaceDay Bag™...

Ya know PEDAL's socks are pretty awesome 

And so are the gloves



All I can say is...
We're working pretty darn hard over here to make the gear we can't find and desperately want.
So go ahead and use the promo code from yesterday:  SEERED
... before my accountant says we're seeing red.
Buy the gloves and socks together, with the code, and the socks are FREE.

164.2 lbs 
Coach Loran LIVE!
8 hours sleep ride today