I STARTED THE WORK DAY LISTENING TO MORPHINE.  Not cranked, just in the background.  I was first introduced to this group at Canyon Bicycles, they had it cranked.  Canyon Bicycles was a leader in a lot of ways:  niche store focused strictly on high-end mountain bikes, a great mechanic, their own killer frameset, and a website to take orders (this was '95).  They didn't make it, I'm not really sure why.  But, Morphine did.

I think I liked the music because it was so mellow and the opposite of the new high energy/high adrenaline mountain bike scene.  To this day, nothing gets my heart rate pegged like a mountain bike race... which brings me to lithium.

Six months ago my heart rate monitor battery pooped out, and since I've been so pooped out lately I decided it's time to get a little more structure back in my training.  So, I picked up a new battery.  With my HRM working again, I'll be able to make sure I'm going easy enough on the easy days, and see just how hard I'm going on the hard days.

I also picked up 5 pints of Vanilla Swiss Almond - they were on sale!


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