A BICYCLE RACE IS LIKE A REALLY GOOD STORY because it take place within a limited knowable world.  We know the course, the day, the weather, the duration, the bike we'll ride, clothes we'll wear, food we'll need etc.  The variables are all constrained.  Compared to the freedom of just heading out for a ride...

... we are really go for it.

For example, one time in a race I found myself off the front with a lap to go.  Adrenalin levels were sky high.  I felt no pain...

... my heart rate was 207.

I never produced an effort like that before or after.  It was a glorious ride I'll never forget.  The only time I ever soloed in.

You probably have similar experiences where you performed high above what you'd expected.  The constraints of racing do that to us.

We don't have forever.

Make today count.

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Stretch and HyperVolt
8 hrs sleep