IT'S BUSY HERE AT THE SHOP.  It makes me happy.  With a local race on Saturday and us being a racy bunch the bikes are flowing in and out.  These are the people that take no chances.  They've busted their buns to get fit and they've learned from sweaty experience to make sure their machines...

... are as finely tuned as they are.

But, ya know what's weird?

The racy peeps who are finely tuned on poorly tuned machines.  

I see them every race.  I've been one.

RaceDay morning they'll be all kitted up, ready to rip.  Drivetrain will be filthy, shifting poorly.  Tires lacking tread. 

Or worse.

They will have put on new parts the day before and woken up to flat tires because the sealant didn't seal.  Chain skipping because new chains skipping on old, worn cassettes. 

It's a long list.  

We all recognize it.

With some luck things will go well and they'll finish with big smiles.

But, who wants to risk that?  Who wants to waste the emotional energy involved with either the mishaps or just having that Hope this don't break nagging feeling?

One thing that's always fun is to sport a new kit on RaceDay.

Like a gray over gray... haunting your prey... 

Did I see a ghost?  Is that the rider I'm chasing?  Do I even have a chance?


The light is picking up the color a little oddly in the these pics.  I'll post some more in the daylight soon.

In the meantime, here's the dealio...

Buy the kit, get the gloves and socks free.

Promo code is GRAYGHOST

It will actually apply a discount across all 4 items equalling $40 - price of gloves and socks.


Stretch and HyperVolt
7 hrs sleep

Found this inside my tire while prepping... nice little staple clean through and Stan's all dried out.

Thought my brake was rubbing... nope.  Checked the rotor... nope.  Wheel was spinning great but strange sound... turned out to be dust under dust cap... the kinda sound that can drive ya crazy when you're racing.