BECAUSE IT WEIGHS A TON, IS DEEP FRIED AND COVERED IN GLAZE... the Apple Fritter was the only thing that was going to save me from my glycogen depletion.  I had to have it, had to make it to SC Donuts, prayed they have one left for me - they usually sell out by Noon.

I blame it on getting all geeked up last night about the 2019 season.  I couldn't wait to get out today and start a massive block of zone 2 riding.  4 hrs was my goal.  Only problem was I left with 3 hours of food, and... I was sporting the Tour D' Donut jersey. 

Who needs a GU when a 1000 calorie fritter can more than top things off?!

The ride turned out to be just what I needed.  It hadn't been easy turning down Mike and Eric's offer to do Swami's Long, Chris and Brian's plan to attack Saddleback, or Tim's mixed-surface mayhem on Blackstar. They all sounded so fun.  But, what I really needed today was an adventure, some play time... just cruising and going wherever the wheels would take me.

Matt and I rode road, gravel, dirt, single track at a solid zone 2... then he peeled off, leaving me with 90 minutes of more of the same. 

Not in a hurry
Smelling the wind.
Feeling the flowers.
Conjuring the fritters.


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