DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.  I'm totally biased, plus I'm ripping all kinds of PRs the more I get settled in.  And, don't believe the marketing hype.  Just look at the scoreboard.

But, before you look at the scoreboard...

... let's remember one thing when it comes to mountain biking...


Yes, yes, I love my road riding.  And, of course, the freedom and creativity of gravel bikes.  But, nothing makes me feel like a warrior out for adventure than my mountain bike.

Riding off into the wild where bad things can happen and nobody is around to bail ya out has a certain, how do you say... Imabadass... about it.

We sense that from the moment we put on our shoes which are heavy, and lugged, and dusty, and scraped up.

Personally, I'm not too big on protective gear and I've got plenty of dents and scars to show for it.  Fact is, I kinda like seeing a little blood from time to time.  Makes me feel alive.

Dropping down a rutted shoot with the front wheel about to break loose and the rear wheel skidding and clinging... launching off a knob at speed and flying 10'... leaning to nearly horizontal riding a berm in a turn... these are sensations only mountain bikers know.

Which brings me back to that scoreboard... ya see, that bike I've been ripping PRs on downhill sections is the very same bike that was ridden to a World Championship over the weekend... and Jordan Sarrou made it look easy.

Easy and in control are the exact feelings I've been having on this bike.  The geometry is perfect.  The bottom bracket height is just right.  The dropper post is excellent.  The twin-loc makes climbing a dream... ahhh, such a great bike.

The kind of bike that you want to take on adventure, be a warrior on, experience nature and all her many ways trying to kill you.


This is the one I chose.

And I'd love to help you get one if you're into adventure and danger.


Oh... and I almost forgot to mention... our superlight race gloves were developed expressly for this type of riding.  They fit tight, are made of real leather, and provide a fantastic tactical connection between warrior and bike.

I had no idea the white gloves would be top sellers.



161.4 lbs
8 hours sleep 

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