HEY, WHAT KIND OF BIKE DO YOU HAVE?  It came from high on the hill on the opposite side of our street.  A man, unknown to me, had yelled it.

Harmless enough?

I wasn’t so sure.  We’ve had a number burglaries in our neighborhood, and we have a few “halfway houses”.  Plus, not long ago people were being stalked on Strava after posting their amazing bike pics only to have their garages broken into.  Strava makes it so you can hide your home now, where your rides originate.  I recommend that, regardless.

Cautiously I yelled back, It’s aluminum.

No need to say I’m riding The Marvel, or Specialized, or give any hint of value.

He yelled, Pinarello Dogma.

Not, I have a Pinarello Dogma.  He knew what he was yelling was code for I’m legit.

Which followed with, We should ride some time.

Are you on Strava? I queried.


What’s your name?

Peter Frampton (that’s not his name).

I quickly looked him up on Strava… sho ‘nuf.  He’s there.  And, I’m thinking… nice Eyetalian bike, active Strava profile…

Yeah, let’s ride some time.

I’m going for the first ride in 3 months tomorrow.  Had back surgery.  Doc cleared me today.

That’s awesome, have a great ride!