THERE ARE DAYS TO MASH ON THE PEDALS, TIMES TO DANCE ON THEM, and moments like this morning to simply let the legs fall, no effort at all.  

Don't touch the brakes.

Just coast.


Let any nasty residue of riding or life melt down through the cranks to the tires to the earth.  All that's left is a rested, carefree rider.

Times like these which are so lazy, my body is so loose afterward often precede the most vicious of efforts.

So, when the text came in for an invite to ride included...

... possibly add 10 miles and/or change the spot for our 2nd water stop...

... I knew one thing for sure, that was code for restup buttercup... to which I say...

Lazy and loose today, for tomorrow we slay.

Which means it'll be hearty breakfast of PR Lotion followed by a GQ6 chaser.

Because there's no way I'd try and hang on to these hooligans without my magic lotion and secret potion.

We've yet to see a single person send their PR Lotion back... they just keep ordering.

Same goes for the delicious GQ6.

When you order them together you can add any pair of socks or gloves for FREE... only if you use this promo code: 


And it all ships F R E E.

Every $ Spent = 1 Lottery Entry for Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


162.6 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
8 hours sleep

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