TODD, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF LANCE ARMSTRONG?  I get that question all the time, and I bet you do too.  My answer has changed over the years, has yours?

Did he commit grievous acts?


But, these aren't among them:

Inspired millions to get off their arses and ride bikes.

Lifted the entire, worldwide cycling industry to new heights.

Gave hope to hundreds of thousands, millions?, of folks battling cancer.

Displayed a level of preparation and specialization never before seen at LeTour.

Brought in new sponsorship dollars to US Cycling... giving so many a chance to earn a wage and race here and abroad.

Rode a wave of incredible luck for years - avoiding horrific crashes and terribly timed mechanicals that have brought down so many would be champions.

If you weren't positively affected by at least one of those, you missed a great ride.  If you didn't learn from at least one of those and apply it to your life, you missed a great lesson.

Lance Armstrong, like all professional athletes, was an entertainer. 
Nothing more, nothing less. 
It's just entertainment. 
That's it. 

Watching athletics can be great, and intoxicating.  But, in the end, professional sports are nothing more than ways to entertain the people - us - sponsored by companies looking to sell something to somebody - us, again.  

Pro athletes aren't curing cancer, aren't feeding the downtrodden, are rarely in the trenches, etc.

They are amusing us... inspiring us to be better athletes ourselves... taking better care of our bodies... allowing the rest of us to better serve society.

Without our health we are nothing.

Did L.A. cheat?  Absolutely.  Was I bummed?  Not really... I remember going to my first Lakers game and watching Magic and the rest of 'em sprint all out the entire game.  I knew right then pros are on something... and I didn't care.  Nor did I care watching the monsters in Raider's uniforms.  The entertainment was too good.

Lance's big sin?

... being a complete horse's ass to a whole lotta people - truly rotten.

And isn't that a lesson in itself?

Be nice...

... and chase your PRs.

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