OVER THE YEARS I'VE HAD TREMENDOUS SUCCESS WITH L.S.D.  It's allowed me to reset my mind and my seasons.  It's a trip, for sure.  Done properly, the following days and weeks will be approached anew.

Why's it work?  I dunno.

When should you do it?  When you're burned out and stale.

Who needs it?  Probably everybody.

Where to do it?  Ideally, some place flat.

What is L.S.D.?  Long, slow distance.

How's it done?  You simply throw a limp leg over your saddle, mount, and softly pedal away.  For a long time.  Preferably with your pals, done alone can make you crazy.

Today was a pretty good LSD ride.  It was probably too lumpy.  4500' of elevation gain over 60 miles is a little much.  450' would have been better.  But, the pace was right on.  Just the 4 of us, two abreast, chatting it up.

The secondary purpose for me, was to find a challenging route.  It's close to ideal, though I think we might reroute a short section.  We'll see.

In the meantime, my body is resetting.  Getting ready for one last race this year, the Filthy 50 MTB race in 8 weeks... L.F.D.


165.4 lbs
0 pull ups/0 push ups saving it for surf tonight
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