YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY... ride with eagles, KOM with eagles.

Or... you're the average of your 5 fastest friends

Or... birds of a feather race together


Well, it's only total BS when a an old diesel like me KOM's a segment ridden and raced by thousands.


True, I was racing right along with birds of a feather.

But, I was more like the sum of my 5 fastest friends.

Further, I see order has been restored to the Stravaverse and an actual pro, John Janneck, has unseated me... if only by a second, it is more juster for him - more jester for me.

Or is it?

I mean, it was me. 

On my bike. 

Under my own power. 

Whipping up on the Nation's Number One Beast and his Legion teammates and a quiver of other national and state champions.

Therefore, let it be known that for about 2 minutes yesterday I was a total badass on my bike due almost entirely to the presence of my most excellent and fast friends... even if they weren't trying I was blowing away my previous times.

Let it also be known... this truism is a real thing.

The faster our friends, the faster we ride.
The better our friends...
The kinder our friends...
The wiser our friends...

... the more 'er we are.


Or was it the Jailbreak kit?



Want to see a great finish by the Nation's Number One Beast? 


back in the gym
6.66 hrs sleep

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