WHEN I PULLED MY GLASSES FROM THE CLUNKY OAKLEY CASE I WAS QUITE SURPRISED.  I expected them to be covered in dust and have the usual sweat streaks...

... why's that?

Well, it was a gravel ride.
Seems like I rode pretty hard.
Rarely, if ever, do I clean my glasses after a ride.

... but, there wasn't any dust or dried sweat drops covering parts of the lens.

It was then that my vision faded to black and white and things began to spin while I was transported back 48 hours.

There was a young and innocent, plucky Diesel floating through the countryside.  Smiling and wishing all well.  Birds were singing. Fall leaves floating.  Heart rate was a steady thump.  

The flashback ended... was I losing my mind?

I looked again at the glasses.  Held them up to the light to be sure... clean as can be.  

Maybe I'd cleaned them after all?  I'd know soon enough.

There are two ways to leave my neighborhood.  Up and then up.  Down and then up.  There is no flat option.

Choosing down and then up I was certain I'd feel some painful residue from the 5 hour ride where I ran out of energy.


Following it up with an 8 minute climb, certainly there'd be a tinge or twinge?


Taking advantage of prevailing winds and going for a PR on 2 mile segment was the final test.


I should have gone with my original assessment... no sweat on the lens, means no pain in the legs.

Pailful admission here... I felt a moment of pride as I snagged a KOM, even though I knew it was wind aided.  Sometimes ya just gotta break you're own rules every now and again.

Don't fret... I still believe this to my core... PRs, going for our personal best, is by far the better race to win than a KOM.

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push ups/pull ups
8.3 hrs


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