TRUST IN GOD AND KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY... advice for the ages.  Fighting advice.  And it works for long, vicious and terrible rides... because it means to be prepared to take action yourself... here's how not to do it.

Yes, Zach, this post is for you!

Setting the stage...
The bright sun was balanced with a lingering hint of winter in the early air.  An intoxicating mixture that had Justin returning home about 3 hours later than promised to wifey... and had coaxed Zach out for his first ride in months.

We'd planned to circumnavigate most of the county at a brisk pace.

First stop 60 miles in, then another 40 to get home.

Being the wise old diesel that I am, I had a big drink before I left.  And loaded my pockets with Honey Stinger waffles and a ziploc bag full of 4 scoops of GQ6 powder.. powder which would stay dry in said bag and mix up to power me home.

We warmed up nice enough, but the further we went the harder we ground.  Soon pulls were being skipped.  It was on.

The Anaheim train station is on the route and a wonderful stop, with a cafe and water and bathrooms.  It's beautiful inside. 

I busted out my bottles.  Poured dry powder into bottle one, began pouring bottle two.

Zach looked so sad.

The cafe was closed.

The only working vending machine was stocked with novels of the  50 Shades of Gray ilk.

I gave him a good portion of my dry powder.  Mike gave him a bar.

At which point Justin asked if I had my supply of Salt Sticks... 

We clipped in and Zach mentioned to Justin... 

I feel like all the posts are about me.

Me, too.

Which warmed my heart.

Bring your powder, and keep it dry.

You provide the ziploc bags, I'll provide the promo code: POWDERDRY

... unless you're in the PEDALposse and have the more better code.


165 lbs 
6.5 hours sleep - too excited to sleep