I'M VISITING THE PLACE WHERE IT ALL STARTED FOR ME.  Provo, UT.  Sure, I'd ridden my Schwinn LeTour around town as a kid, and I'd won the 6th Grade Motocross on my Stingray- which we'd call a Super-D today, but it wasn't until 1985 that I won a legit bike race.

It wasn't even legit, really.

The university ski coach had set up a cycling program centered on crit racing in the giant stadium parking lot.

It was here that I got my most valuable bike handling lession:  never let go over the brakes and always keep pedaling. 

What he was teaching us was how to keep our speed up and be smooth in a pack vs the typical beginner who stops pedaling and yanks on the brakes at the slightest concern.

Each weekday crit I got a little closer to the win.  The throwdown of the C's spint was intoxicating, and I wanted more.  On about the fourth or fifth try it worked...

... the passionate, mediocre surfer
... the weak link on a terrible tennis team
... the obscenely late bloomer with his first whiskers at age 21

... got a V.

And, as PhilTheThrill Gaimon says... it just takes one good day to start thinking.

I promptly spent my summer's hard earned cash on a Cannondale touring bike that some yokel in a struggling bike shop conned me into buying because "more gears = more options for speed".  

It didn't matter.

That bike took all the punishment I could could give it, and was stable as hell at speed.  I'm talking I-80 from Park City to Salt Lake drafting a semi at 60 mph with a t-shirt, cut offs, and a sweet pair of Vuarnets.

I was hooked.

For life.

Speaking of hooked, after skiing and hiking in the mountains the last few days I'm reminding how hooked I am on layers for keeping warm.  It's the best way to go, which I confirmed catching up with my pals that live up here.


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