TODAY WAS JUST LIKE MOST SATURDAYS when we were a young family.  Up before the sun for a quick ride and back for breakfast with the kids then off to do something fun.

In fact, it's been that way all week with everybody in town.

It's nearly impossible to have a routine.

All my stuff is missing, and I'm sure it's the kids fault.

How the heck did I get anything accomplished back then?  

On our hike, we reminisced about all the winter weekends in the desert camping and riding motos.  These were the maintenance months and years.  Winter bike riding was mainly Monday-Friday, very early.  In the summer, I'd usually have one big mountain bike race to train for.  It was good life balance and kept me in decent shape.

I notice the kids' routines are similar, but their things.  Hitting the gym or surf early on a Saturday morning before breakfast and family time.

Some of them even ride bikes... my favorite rides.


Since they've been visiting I think I've worn the Wild Child kit at least 3 times.  Inspired by having them home?  I dunno... 

...but, I do know the socks are in production and they're going to be really cool.



I'll post pics as soon as they're done.

Ride your bike!, tb

0/0 (lazy)
7 hrs sleep

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