WE WERE HANGING OUT AFTER THE RACE TODAY WAITING FOR THE FINAL RESULTS TO BE ANNOUNCED.  I ran into Adam and his wife who were kind enough to show me the sweet line for today’s Enduro.  Jimmy introduced himself as the guy tacked on my wheel and thanked me for offering him my salt tabs yesterday.  Sweet Sage, the promoter, and I were chatting when Mike walked up and said...

...  I read the blog every morning!

Which was real nice, but not as nice as what he wanted to talk to Sage about.

Mike races 70+.  

Now, if you're not racing 70+ yet I have two things to share with you.

The first is you can race at 70.  Yes, people do that.  It takes some good genes and luck for sure  But, when you see these athletes you realize it's not an accident.  They are fit and committed to maintaining their health.

It's the second that always touches my heart.  The septuagenarians  all know each other, and more importantly they care about each other in ways I've never seen amongst the other ages.

I've seen them wait for each other on the start line if someone is running late.  I've seen them give health reports on the missing.  I've seen genuine love between them, and it's always moving.

Today was no different.

Mike was there to pick up the bike of his only fellow racer from yesterday.  His friend had crashed.

Sage can I pick up the bike?

Yes, was it only a collarbone? 

No, 12 broken ribs.  He's in ICU.

It wasn't a teary moment, that's racing.  However, as I write this and reflect on the blessings we all share of health and friendship riding the roads and trails of life...

... and how fleeting it can be

... at any age

... I'm verklempt.

Yep, there are a lot of nice people in our community.  It's always a joy to make a new friend on a ride or at the races.

Thanks for being nice y'all.


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? lbs
Stretch and HyperVolt

Still reading?

Some stats:

8 dudes, one friend that's a girl, and 2 dogs.

1 busted spoke on day 1, that held up the entire weekend.

1 bloodied knee and bruised hip.

1 punctured tire a mile from the finish and ridden in sloppy as it wouldn't seal.

1 First place in the enduro

1 Third place overall.

9 smiles.