IT STARTED OF AS A CHALLENGE TO "EVEREST" IN A WEEK - climb 29,029 feet.  But, doesn't 30k sound a lot better?  It did to me, when I started.  Then it didn't sound so good 3 days ago when there was still 12k to go.  And it sounded worse last night as the sun was setting.  And, even more worser this afternoon when I still needed over 4,000 feet.

But, you know... get done with work early, lube up with PR Lotion, 70 degrees, sunny...

... 3 hours later, and I'm at 5k for the day...

... and 31,834' of vertical in a 7 day period.

Yes, I know the cool kids all do that Everesting in 1 day.  On the same climb.  And I applaud them loudly.

I just wanted to do my own challenge.  And, 30k in 7 days sounded plenty epic.

The first day was on the road.  The second, fifth and sixth on the MTB.  The third and seventh gravel bike.  The fourth day I rested.

I learned a ton... which I shall share more of tomorrow.

For now, I'm stoked to have accomplished a new PR.  I've never climbed that much in a week.  And, I know my food strategy was spot on.

Which reminds me how poopular this special has been... and maybe you're on the fence about it and you know we are shipping immediately...


Delicious Honey Stinger waffles... I like to break off half, the package is perfect for storing the second half and eating 30 minutes later.

Tasty GQ6... I like 2 scoops in my big bottle.

Salt Stick chews... I keep them in a TicTac box.  The roll out one at a time and into my mouth to suck on while I ride.

Buy two of those, get the third free with promo code:  GETBACK.




165.6 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
7.5 hours sleep



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