ONE OF THE PLACES PEOPLE REALLY SUFFER ON A ROAD RIDE is when the group accelerates time after time.

I was reminded of this on today's ride... and the exercise I do at home to prep for days like today.

It was hellawindy. 

30mph gusts. 


To make matters worse, it was the first week back splitting our little legripper into an A and a B ride.  Leaving just a handful of us to slice the wind together on the A loop.

Our rotation started smooth enough, but after about 15 minutes of really drilling it things started to fall apart.  The discrepancies in power between riders became evident, as stronger riders pulled hard and long and weaker riders clogged the front often unable to even pull through for a millisecond.

So, I have this little routine I do a few times a week.  It may or may not be helpful at all... but, it's kinda hard which is always good for building confidence.

It's simple.

Requires no tools.

And, probably doable in your own home.

Remember, I am not a doctor nor any kind of certified anything.  Do not do this if you are timid, unsure or a total klutz... though, if you think you'll fall please take video and post for the entertainment value.

Are ya ready?

Stand flatfooted at the bottom of a set of stairs and jump up 3 at a time. 

Probably best to start at 2 at a time... and I've had limited success jumping 4 at a time.  Repeat until failure (can't do more).

That's it.

Please, please, please be careful... and remember you're on your own.

Advice given.  

Here's another piece of advice... not for you, hopefully.  But, something you might want to share with a friend.

You should probably get a RaceDay Bag™.


Because you're always wondering where your gear is.

No I'm not.

Then, why are you asking to borrow my extra glasses?

I guess that could be advice for you too... friends don't let friends show up unprepared - especially if they don't want to loan their stuff.


Remind them to use promo code SAVE10.



165.4 lbs 
  push ups.
6.8 hours sleep

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