JOE ROGAN WAS RAVING ABOUT THIS BOOK ON A PODCAST, Natural Born Heroes.  Because I'm always down to read and study what's going on in other sports to see if I bring something new to my code, I took his recommendation.  It's a wild and heroic tale of real histry, definitely a good read...

... I burned through it in a few days.

In the end it reminded me of a magical day racing.  Before I get there, here are a few of the nuggets I mined:

  • True heroism is motivated by compassion
  • You aren't an adult until you can rescue someone
  • The holy trinity:  PullUps, Burpees, Squats
  • Burn fat for fuel to go the distance
  • The mediterranean diet is king
  • Go slow to go fast

It's that last one I'm having trouble reconciling at the moment.  In past years, I've been focused on real tests of endurance:  Leadville, VisionQuest, Tahoe 100.  But, lately I've been road racing and doing some short XC races.

In these short races there are moments of violence that if you miss them, it's pretty much over....

Screw up the start of an XC race and you'll never make it to the front. 

Same goes for road racing.  If you miss the winning break it's over. 

... ya just can't go slow - the distance too short, decisive moment to quick

But, the book brings up Mark Allen.  6 time Ironman champ, known as The Grip.  Because as the races drew to an end if he had you in his sites he'd run you down.  You had no chance.

All that reminded me of something I used to have my best day ever at Counting Coup, Tahoe 100, and most recently at Leadville.

I call it The Pace.

Natural Born Heroes definitely alludes to this as the heroes live up to their Greek origins fighting the Nazis in WW2.

I need to get back to that type of training, especially with Cactus Cup in 3 weeks and Sagebrush Safari after that.  I might have waited too long.  We'll see.

Thinking about The Pace today, while finishing the book, I realized I left it out of The Leadville Letters.

Shame on me.

It's critical info for anybody looking to go the distance.  

So, I'm going to add it to the letters and ship it out to everybody made a previous purchase.

If you've got something epic on your RaceDay Calendar™, then you might want to have these handy letters in your library too.


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