ALL THE HARD WORK IS ABOUT TO PAY OFF.  The van is loaded.  The body is rested.  It's time to head up to the race.  I'm feeling quite fine. Not at all how I felt the last few weeks...

.. which is how I like it. 

Yes, I like to pile on the miles and hard work until 10-14 days out.  How big of a pile?...

... so big I want to quit riding altogether.

To exhaustion.

Then, I back it way down.

It doesn't work for everybody.  But, isn't that what makes racing and epic events so intriguing?...

... figuring out what works for us.

The beauty is there is always a new training concept or product or nutrition to experiment on.

Something else that works for me...

... I always like to have fresh water bottles for a key race or event.

It's the little things.

If you're bottles are a little worn, 

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8.5 hrs 

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