TODD BROWN racerness

ON THE MARKET RIDE TONIGHT, I noticed a new guy in a local team kit.  Things got heated up pretty quick and new guy put in some stinging attacks.  This is why I do the ride, to get stung.

But who was this new bee?

Time and again he hit us with blistering one minute efforts, stretching the group to a long thin line.  Eventually, I figured he was using the ride to do intervals... probs for the upcoming 'cross season.

But, I couldn't figure who he was.  Not that I know everybody, but I know a lotta guys.

... and this guy had nats stripes on his sleeve.

I shuffled through my cards of known badass locals with nats stripes.  Found a suspect.  Worked my mental photoshop, removing his muy excellente mustache and shaving off about 25 lbs...

... and it hit me...

Hey, you look just like Mike McMahon except you're a lot faster!

Yeah, I'm getting back to my old self.

It's so obvious when we're in top shape, and when we're not.  Bike racing shows no mercy, there's no hiding and there are no lucky days.

Put in the work.



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