I HAD THIS EMAIL ALL CHARTED OUT ON MY RIDE THIS MORNING, while I was shredding single track on my kick@$$ BMC URS.  I was soooo fired up.  But now all I can recall is the title...

... it happens when your HR is tickling the clouds it's so high.

It went something like this... 

We are the take charge types... not waiting for anyone to tell us what to do... we get things done.

We take risks... not RedBull Rampage risks... but going for things well beyond our current capabilities.

We take responsibility... when our plans fail, when our risks don't pay off... we look at the person in the mirror.

... and that's why it ours for the taking, so few live this way.

I'll be saddling up early tomorrow, heading out with a bunch of stallions who could be my kids and sticking it to 'em as hard as I can until they leave me for dead... and I'm totally cool with that.  It's my plan, my risk and my responsibility to keep The Old Diesel in tiptop shape.

Speaking of the URS, fondly known as The Highlighter as it's generally the highlight of my day and often my week, the time has come for it to find a new home.  

This is without a doubt the funnest bike I've ever owned and the only reason I'm letting it go is because a new model is arriving in my size.

It is in Excellent Condition.

You're probably wondering if it's fast... helk yeah!  I've been keeping up no prob on the local flat group rides, keeping up slight problem on the hilly A version of the TMWC - fastest weekday ride around.  

Is it comfortable?... Totally!  There's a little micro bumper in the rear triangle that affords 20mm of travel, which is super sweet on the fast washboardy stuff.

Is it light?... pretty dern light for an entry level gravel slayer.

Does it handle well?... well?  Try amazing.  If you want a bike that can jump and slay singletrack this is the one.

The very first day I had it I picked off, without even tryin', a bunch of PRs on the local steep fire roads.

That's the kind of confidence this bike delivers.

If I had to chose one bike, this is the one... only thing I'd add is a second set of wheels for road.

The retail on this bike is $4k.  I'll take $3k... and yes, you'll get 3000 entries into our killer ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway

PS... if you want a new version of this bike LMK


Stretch and HyperVolt
8 hrs sleep