I COULDN'T HEAR THE SKIN GRINDING OFF, the rain too heavy.  I couldn't see the damage, the shadows too dark.  I couldn't feel the gash, the cold too stiff.  But, in my shivering hustle off the mountain I overcooked a corner... my lower leg grinding across the decomposed granite hillside.

That wasn't the plan.

We'd missed perfection by about 30 minutes.

Up until that Makita grinder moment, we'd cheated mamanature. We'd slept in, done our dadly duties. While the morning rain fell on our favorite dusty trail.

When we started, it was purrrrrfect... super tacky, traction o'plenty.  6 miles to the top, 2200', all single track... purrrrrfect single track.

We climbed it once, decently fast, under an hour. 

Ripped down.

Climbed it again.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  But, when we got to the top the clouds came in and the temperature dropped.

Even with the incomparable KOM jacket, I was cold.  A beanie and leg warmers woulda helped... oh, and a light!

But... but... we'll ALWAYS remember today.  It will stand out.  One of those, Remember that time moments.  Unforgettable.

So maybe it did go according to plan?

... come to think of it, if I'd worn the leg warmers they'd be a little worse of but my leg better off...

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In the cloud, time to hustle down.


164.4 lbs 
50 pull ups
8.5 hours sleep

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