GRAVEL RIDING IS REALLY FUN, brings a ton of adventure and all kinds of freedom on where yer gonna ride that day.  Any turn is a good turn.  Every path brings unknown potential.  But, let's be fair... it's not really racing if it's not dangerous.

Nobody goes crit riding.  

Road racing, means eventually there's gonna be massive risk taking.

CX you might stub your toe or skin your shin.

Mountain bike racing is synonymous with destruction of bikes and bones.

Which brings me to the first gravel racer, the original drop bar ripper, the King of Kamikaze... if you don't know his name, that's a true shame.

Because at the height of mountain biking, with the advent of DownHill this cat was running a disc wheel, an aero helmet, a skin suit, and looking smooth and planted while drifting turns at 50+ mpg.

That my lads and ladettes, my fellow parishioners of the church of the crank, is real gravel racing...

.. the rest of it is gravel riding, and it's super fun...

... but I can't stop thinking about the racing, the gravel type.

I reckon that's why I prefer my speedy KASK road helmet.

This is by far, the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn.  And, I use it for everything road, XC, and of course gravel... 

... and you know I'll be wearing when I go gravel racing!

You can pick it up here:

And you can save if you're part of the PEDALposse.


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