AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO AS GIVEN A LITTLE MORE AT THE TOP OF A CLIMB THIS WEEK?  I can't even say it's subconscious.  Like this morning, I pulled on one of my yellow jerseys...

... next thing I know I'm kicking hard up the last 100 meters of my local climb...

... imaginary fans screaming Allez, Allez, Allez!, Imaginary foes in awe, have no answers, Imaginary announcers can't contain themselves...

... Well Bob, The Ol' Diesel is living up to his name today.  Look at the determination, the metronomelike churning of his old pistons flattening the hopes of the youth...

... Phil, nobody saw this coming, the domination of the silverhaired beast!

I couldn't wait to upload, even though the Wahoo wasn't recording bpm.  I'd taken the gravel rig over to two of my local climbs and I was just sure I'd laid down fast times.  

I mean, I better.

New, lighter, faster, better bike on dirt climbs I typically hit on my MTB or my previous gravel bike named HVY MTL.

2 PRs.

You know what that is right?  It's proof advertising works.  I've been advertising to my mind great climbing feats for nearly 3 weeks now.  It's bound to rub off.  

It's also proof gravel bikes on dirt roads climb faster than mountain bikes.

Finally, it's proof I've dropped about 3 lbs in the last 5 weeks.

It matters.

Does wearing the yellow jersey matter?  Maybe if it's the lightest jersey on the market, made with fine Italian fabrics right here in CA.

Check out how thin that fine mesh front is... it's weird too.  Super cool on hot, hot days yet surprisingly comfy when there's a chill in the air.  Maybe weird is the wrong word... magical would be better.

That's me modeling with my lopsided - buster off an 1" of my collarbone once - shoulders.

Anyway, you get the idea... our Speed jerseys are tres bien.

The matching bibs are smashing as well.

Me again.  The bibs come in Regular and Tall.  In this pic I'm in the Regular cut.  I prefer that cut in the summers for the purely vain reason of better tan lines.  

Anyway, if ya like that kit... we call it Dia de los Muertos and if you order it now you can have it before Halloween.

Just don't tell anyone I told ya to use this promo code: Allez

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163 lbs
8 hours sleep