ONE OF THE THINGS I AIM TO DO is get the very best value for any purchase.  So, when I saw some cat advertising an amazing wallet for cycling I had to check it out...

... the hyperbolic promises were too great.

There it was, $50.  It was beautiful, all leather.  Very elegant.  Perfect for anything except actually cycling.

It reminded me of my first bibs, Blackbottoms.  The chamois was actually leather, and so were my bits and pieces after that first summer.

Being a poorcollegekid, I could scant afford 1 bib.  

I'd ride, wash, hang dry, repeat 3-4 times a week.

By summer's end they were sanctified - very holy.

Where was I?...

Oh yeah, wallets and the most humble cycling wallet of all times. 

  • Made of actual bike parts
  • Impossibly durable
  • Military grade thread
  • So grippy it will never fall out of your jersey

Delivered to your door for 20 bones

... or less if you use promo code SAVE10,
I have 10 cards and cash in mine)


Of course... makes a great conversation piece, reminder of what's important, and a supergift for your sponsors.

If you don't have one in your team store, let me know and we'll get it added. 


166.8 lbs 
8.5 hours sleep

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