MY GIRL IS A SURFER FIRST, BIKE RIDER 2ND.  Which means we surfed this morning - paddle surfed... and, we might go for a bike ride tonight.

Do I panic I'll miss my planned DRTY WDNSDY ride?  Not even.

It's all part of the diabolical plan:  do all I can to make this day special so I can ride all I want the rest of the week.

It's more than that actually, because she celebrates the entire week.

So, on Monday night when she wanted to go watch the meteor shower I said Heck yes!... even though I knew we'd be out so late I'd have to skip the Tuesday Morning World Championships.

... all part of my diabolical plan to ride all I want the rest of the year.


164.4 lbs 
7 hrs

Ride with us: click for info. 

Our latest vid.

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