TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY.  It's been just over 5 months since my brain injury.  We never took SurfNSummit off the calendar, instead...

... we aimed for that date!  

10 of my closest friends - some I've never met - joined the challenge.

I'm so grateful for the support and camaraderie.

It's gonna be a great day.

Anytime we get the buy-in from of group of people who decide to do something epic together it's...

... a lot easier to prep and accomplish something epic.

And, this ain't nothin'...

123 miles

16000' of vert

... it's a heckfire motivating.

What are you planning tomorrow,
or in the coming months,
with your besties?

I hope you get it done, and I hope...

... it seems impossible.


7.5 hrs sleep
Pullups and Pushups Only
20 minutes recovery 
60 minutes reading + Journaling