ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL IT WAS NOTHING.  Hundreds of us got up early and gathered for the Mike Nosco Memorial Bike Ride.  While we came from as far away as Belgium and as close as Agoura Hills, and while many of us would truly struggle to finish the challenging course, It was nothing...

Nothing compared to coordinated effort so many volunteers put into a first class bike ride.

Nothing compared to the battles this year's 8 recipients are fighting.

Nothing for any of us to donate a few dollars to participate.

Yet, it was everything for Jack. 

At 610 PM, after all but a few had returned home, Jack shared what inspired him 10 years ago to make a difference in the lives of specific people who were suffering.  He wanted to honor the spirit of his brother.

I never knew Mike, but I'm grateful to his legacy.  I was reminded that the little time we give to others can make a huge impact in their lives. 

Perhaps this sums it up best:  Samantha introduced herself to me about 745AM.  Here was a beautiful, healthy lady walking around and personally thanking each sponsor for showing up.  She'd been a beneficiary in '16.  Back then, few expected her to be riding a bicycle out of the parking lot in '18.

... was it the funds?
the community?
the hope?

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