I'M FEELING QUITE HAPPY GO LUCKY THIS WEEK.  In spite of rain every single day, I managed to get in 7 rides in 5 days.

Kinda like a Hobbit...

... you know first breakfast and second breakfast.

Dodging the rain showers - they were hardly storms - I squeaked in a couple of twoadays.

Today's were great... sticking with the food theme, it was a family sandwich.  Ride in the morning, meet the kid's for lunch, ride in the evening.

With projected midday rain, I grabbed HVY MTL - my gravel bike - and followed a new route to get things started.  That bike has really opened up a whole new world of rides.  It's a more creative kind of riding, following the pull of any trail or road or sidewalk that needs exploring or curb that needs jumping.

For better or worse, with the unpredictable weather, I'm tending to do more soul riding than structured training.  Scratch that, it's definitely for better.  

After surfing the roads and trails around town on HVY MTL, we checked out a new condo the kids are looking at leasing.  It's closer to us.  It's so fun to be part of their lives.  Feeling very lucky about that. Then we showed them the nearby tasty Greek food at Surfin' Souvlaki.

Chris and I met at the bottom of the San Juan Trail at 3pm.  All single track, straight up for an hour.  30 minutes back down.  The top was in the clouds, cold and misty.  Chris pulled the plug after 1 lap.  I went for another..

... it turned out to be the best ride of the week.

When I got back near the summit the cloud had cleared. 

A full sky.

Not a rider around.

Irresistible peace everywhere.

And little ol' me.

Covered in it,

Like the misty dew drops, gently cleansing my soul.

Yep, I'm feeling very lucky.

But, it wasn't luck that kept my water from launching out as Sparky and I were were shredding hero dirt.

No, that bottle stayed put because I have the best water bottle cage ever.


Been racing these cages for 8 years.  The same cages, taking them from bike to bike.  Nothing - NOTHING - holds a bottle like the Mandible.  If you're racing the bumpy stuff, this is the only cage to get.. Not because it's crazylight, because it works.

Weighs a scant 28 grams.


Mandible is the top Arundel model; its grip is the strongest of all Arundel cages. It's great in extreme situations. Mandible cages have weathered the Grand Tours, the Spring Classics, Worlds, all of it. Durable and elegant.

Here's the dealio... we're putting in an order on Tuesday, will ship about a week later.

Use promo code FRODO

Note... I was going to hold off on ordering these until we moved to our new location, but ya know... the rain's gonna stop, the snow's gonna melt, and I'm wanting the best for you.


164.6 lbs 
8 hours sleep - git yer sleep!

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