THE ONLY TIME I CARE ABOUT HOW MANY MILES I'VE RIDDEN is when I'm trying to work out how many miles remain to the finish line.  The rest of the time...

... I only care about time.

How many hours I've ridden that block or week or day.

That's it.

Time modifies everything. 

This is one of the greatest lessons endurance athletes learn early on...

... more time equals more speed.

And it's corollary...

... better time equals better speed.

I was reminded of that at dinner with a friend tonight.

I've reached my limits.

How so?

I can't get faster.


Kind of, yeah.  The only thing I can do now is eat better.

He's right, he will get faster by eating better.  It just takes some time to show up.

He's also wrong, there is always something else to improve.


Isn't that great?

Like tubeless tires, way faster and way more durable.


Especially, when combined with the amazing Dynaplug.

The Dyna plus system is super light and takes up very little space in my Mini RaceDay Bag™.

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